Wardrobe “Zilie”


Color: Natural chestnut / Natural chestnut & White
Size: Size: Width: 95 cm, Height: 192 cm, Depth: 55 cm
Made in France

Delivery 10-14 day (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania)
Delivery 14-20 day ( Finland, Sweden, Norway)

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To make the most out of life, your baby needs all sorts of accessories, clothes and toys as well as sufficient furniture in their bedroom. This is why we offer the nursery 2-door wardrobe as part of the ZELIE collection. It has a hanging space with two rails and shelving space for storing baby’s things. Measuring 192 cm high and 95 cm wide, you will have plenty of storage space just for your child. This said, you should keep an eye on the floor space in your nursery to avoid adding too much cumbersome furniture.

This wardrobe fits with the retro vintage feel of the ZELIE collection with its slanted untreated beech legs, solid wood that ensures it is stable and durable. The finish on the doors is divided into two sections by a chestnut coloured strip, with the lower section decorated with a printed motif and the upper section in plain white. The frame of the wardrobe also boasts a natural wood colour.

As with the chest, and in keeping with the vintage styling of this ZELIE bedroom, the handles on the wardrobe door feature an aluminium grey metallic effect.

The various elements of the wardrobe are made from wooden particleboard and covered with a layer of foil. The panels of this nursery wardrobe feature three colours: natural chestnut, plain white and digitally printed motifs.

All the furniture in the Galipette collections is eco-designed. This nursery wardrobe is made from wood sourced from sustainably managed French forests, whilst reducing our carbon footprint. We also strive to limit our use of solvents, guaranteeing a level that is two times below the limit set by the European standard

Our company is introducing low-formaldehyde content panels to ensure a healthier living environment. This collection is made with engineered wood panels containing less than 4mg of formaldehyde per 100g, which is two times lower than the requirements of the strictest European standard (EN 13986).

Size: Width: 95 cm, Height: 192 cm, Depth: 55 cm

Color: Natural chestnut / Natural chestnut & White


Made in France




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